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Hunthumber is focused on the market development and application of maleic anhydride grafting products. Currently, adhesive resin for aluminum-plastic composite panels, wood-plastic product compatibilizer and low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant wire cable material compatibilizer all have a number of typical brands for customers to choose, and we can also develop targeted products depending on the special needs of customers.

Aluminum-plastic composite panel

Due to features of economy and easy installation, aluminum-plastic composite panels in the field of construction have become the main decoration materials for the facade of buildings. As for the aluminum-plastic composite bonding, the adhesion of adhesive resin determines its weather resistance and surface appearance. The PE-maleic anhydride grafting adhesive resin JMV240 launched by the company meets relevant performance requirements and adapts to a variety of process requirements, such as co-extrusion with plastic core for coating and film blowing prefabricated film layer. In addition, various brands correspond to different processing temperatures.

The product has the following features:

1.Good adhesive performance,  and higher peel strength

2.Tested by clients’ hernia lamp, good weather resistance and high retention rate of peel strength.

Low smoke halogen-free flame retardant wire cable materials

Halogen-free flame retardant has become the mainstream flame retardant system in the field of wires and cables, and the company's PE knots maleic anhydride products has a very prominent value in the halogen-free flame retardant wire cable materials. According to the experimental data summary by customers, the company relevant products have the following features:

1. Capable of effectively enhancing the compatibility of inorganic flame retardant aluminum hydroxides with polyolefin base materials, and enhancing the flame retardant performance while maintaining good mechanical properties

2.Having a good thermal aging effect

After adding 4% PE-maleic anhydride grafting compatibilizer (the reference and CT1530 are both 1%MAH ), our company well maintains the mechanical properties of materials.

Similarly, under the testing condition of 100 degrees of 10 days, observethereaction of mechanical properties and melt flow index, and the thermal agingperformance after adding 4% CT1530.

Coupling agent for WPC case

Due to the economy, good processing performance, outdoor weather resistance and many other features, the wood-plastic composite materials have become more and more popular in outdoor public facilities and architectural design of gardening.

The CT2718 launched by Hunthumber can effectively improve the surface of wood powder and plastics in the wood-plastic blending formula, and improve the relevant performance of extruding wood-plastic composite materials.

According to customers’feedback, CT2718 can help enhance the flexural modulus and  impact resistance, as well as lower the water absorption of wood-plastic products. A smaller addition proportion of the same can achieve the effect of similar coupling agent.

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